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Welcome to our new ‘Updates’ page.  This blog was created to clean up the front page and make it more visitor friendly.  We still need a place to let you know what’s new on the website – so we’ve created this blog.  If you want to be notified via email everytime I post something here (important news, new photos, general info, etc.) – then sign up for updates on this blog and you will be kept up to the minute!  See the News@Me sign up below to do that.

Here’s some up to date links that I’ve deleted off the Welcome Page:

– July Show & Tell Photos – Click here 
– July Program – Winnie Fleming – It’s All About the Borders – click here
Carla has provided an emblem for the upcoming Auction. I will at, at some point, be posting a page devoted to the auction – news, photos, etc. You will be AHQG Auction logo without date copyable to sign up and get updates anytime they’ve been added via email. More on this over the next few weeks.

Guild President Makes the news.  Click on the photos below to see a recent article found in the San Antonio Express-News.  Very impressive – Janet!


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  1. joanne says:

    Thanks to Karen Lambkin s tip I was able to pick up some material and other items for our charity. A family had a member who quilted pass and they wanted her things to go where the could be used. They were very happy to hear about our quilts to Santa Christa Rosa Children’s Hospital as the aunt volunteered at different children’s organizations. Thanks again Karen for your tip

  2. Sally Gay says:

    Hello, there is some information I wish could be included in our newsletter or blog. There is a applique class on saturday Nov 14, but I couldn’t find any other information or who to call. The name and how to get a hold of her would be very helpful. This all might be there but I couldn’t find it. Thank you

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