July 2017 Show & Tell

For the Adobe Lightroom Slideshow go HERE.

Not a lot of quilts – but a lot of interesting stories and backgrounds.  Among this month’s show & tell were:  Michell’s sister – Denise from Atlanta; Esther had 3 quilts including one done by her mother in 1976-82 and a beautiful bargello; a first from David; and then there was Carol with a Paint chip wall hanging for the upcoming October auction; Oh – and Carol had that wonderful quilt with a hole created by her dog; Michelle had a Charity Quilt; Michael had 2 quilts – one which had been entered in the moda fabric challenge in New Zealand.  Katherine showed, as did Millie.  And I’m sure I missed a few others – like Denise.  Lots of stories – lots of talent.  That’s the Alamo Heritage Quilt Guild!

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