July ’14 Meeting

I was unable to attend the July meeting – so tons of gratitude out to Joanne Krebbs for these photos. I’m branching out – trying to expand my knowledge in various softwares that will help me present photos for this website, as well as my county courthouse site. With that in mind, please feel to comment on what various options I give you to view the photos – tell me what you like best. I’m using the regular media upload I’ve used for over the past few years; I trying a YouTube connection, and I’m trying to directly upload a slideshow from Lightroom. I’m not pleased with the quality of photos on the YouTube, but if that method is liked – I can figure out how to upgrade the photo quality.

Cheri Leffler – Hand Turned Applique – using Lightroom slideshow

Show Tell slideshow using Lightroom

Show Tell slideshow using YouTube

show & Tell usimg regular media upload

2 Responses to July ’14 Meeting

  1. Joanne Krepps says:

    Tom, the slide shows are great. Really easy to use and I really enjoyed viewing. Great Job.

  2. Joanne Krepps says:

    Would like to invite you to read our newsletter to learn about our “Charity” challenge for the year 2015. It should be another great challenge, thanks to the generosity of one of our members. Our last years challenge enabled us to give over 100 quilts, and approximately 50 stuffed animals to the Santa Rosa Children’s Hospital. I really want to thank our members who work so hard to give to these children.

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