Michael Young’s Diamonds are Forever – January ’18

November Workshop Preview

Upcoming retreats – look in the newsletter.


March ’15 Retreat

May ’14 Retreat

April ’12 Retreat

December ’11 Retreat

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  1. Mary Pfeffer says:

    Hello, I have been clearing out my condo so I can retire in 2 years, and I have about (6) big tubs of fabric stash I could donate to the Guild if you are receiving fabric donations. I also have a wooden frame that John Black (Sandy Black’s husband) built from a kit. If you are agreeable with this, I will start looking through all this fabric in the next month or two to see if I want to keep any of it….probably not, but I haven’t quilted since 1997.
    Thank you advance for your time,
    Mary Pfeffer

    • admin says:

      Sorry for responding so slowly – I will forward your email to our charity chair – Joanne Krebbs. She is always looking for fabric to make into projects for the Guild’s various charity projects.

  2. Joanne Krepps says:

    Thanks Tom. We love to get donations for charity as it helps us make beautiful items for the Santa Rosa Children’s hospital and for our other charities.

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