2017 Auction Coming up FAST!


Yes, the 2017 AHQG Auction is fast approacing.  Many activities are already taking place under the guidance of this year’s auction – Janet Daniel.  The quilt top above was completed at a recent sewing bee put together to help move projects along and provide opportunities for everyone to participate.  Many more updates to come.

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4 Responses to 2017 Auction Coming up FAST!

  1. Margaret Snyder says:

    I have a collection of quilting magazines that I would like to donate. They are issues from 2013-2016 of McCalls, American Patchwork and Love of Quilting. Would you be interested in them?

    • admin says:

      Margaret – if you still have them, I’ll check with our Auction Chair. They may accept them. Try to respond to you about that tomorrow (sorry about the late response).

  2. Carol Fish says:

    I was at the June meeting with the show/raffle quilt from Georgetown, Tx and am vey interested in your auction. Is there someplace on your website that gives all the details of exactly when and how the auction is conducted. Also is this open to the general public and approximately how much money do you raise?

    • admin says:

      Carol – I’ve not been able to get any information to post on the auction. I will tell you that the auction is definitely open to the public. As far as the amount raised – that varies from auction to auction. As really the only fundraiser the quilt guild has – and considering that it’s only held every other year – I’m sure we aim for a high number – I just don’t have the specifics ($1,000 ?). If you’re at the meeting this evening, you should be able to get the details – but I will get them and send them to you as well, hopefully by tomorrow.

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